Textille & Manufacturing

What we do

In Burchell’s relentless pursuit of only the highest quality fabrics and linens, our own President and CMO have explored extensively internationally and have established alliances with companies that are leaders in cotton weaving expertise and supremacy that wield state-of-the-art machinery with advanced features to produce superior quality textile products. The end result: Textile Products of the highest quality that not merely conform to international standards, but exceed them. These companies commenced operations with tremendous success exporting quality Contract Textile products both regionally and now across global markets. Subsequently, Burchell provides competitive contract pricing as well as unsurpassed quality. Burchell is your source for wholesale custom fabric manufacturing.

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The standardization of finished linen for the airline industry. Our finished linens are used by the official flight crew and passengers during travel.


All airlines can gain access to our global manufacturing group at Burchell Textile Division. We currently have established long relationships with major airlines, manufacturing production of bedding for aviation for the flight comfort of airline pilots and crew with sheets, pillows and customer blankets. Our global reach creates a competitive price at local and regional logistic and warehouse distribution facilities.

Hotels & hospitality

We manufacture Hotel custom bed linen with specific fabric selections, which include towels, table cloth, and napkins among others.

Specific to hotels, we offer reasonable pricing for scale production. Our more than 20 years of textile experience within our upholstery division have prepared our team to meet and exceed specific standards for:

  • Bed linen
  • Duvet Covers/pillow cases
  • Flame retardant for all types of towels. table linens
  • Drapery for window treatment

With our design interior staff, we can advise on fabric selection for various seasons.  We have studied the value of fabric thread count for sleeping in comfort.  Fibers of cotton are unlimited. So we are able to educate our clients.

Global sourcing

Diversity in the supply chain is part of Burchell’s success.  Our mission is to be an industry leader in textile manufacturing.  We currently provide superior design in aesthetics and function with international trend influence to offer a standardization of client products, such as bed linens, drapery and window treatments. Burchell is proud to manufacture innovative first quality textile products.  And we know that is just as important to our clients as: exceptional service, timely delivery, and competitive pricing.  Contact us for more information on how we may supply your needs. 


We source and manufacture bed linen with cost containment for hospitals, outpatient Centers, and long-term care (public and private). 

Our services extend to all interior design, including window treatment and upholstery for healthcare organizations. The sensitivity of hyperbaric linen is our focus during fabric selection. Adult, youth, and baby textiles are determined for each client’s production. Standardization of size fitting is also critical during the manufacturing of towels, blankets, and bed linens.


We provide custom seating for public transportation buses and rail cars using various textile for long-term durability. We also provide Automotive Consultancy for manufacturing seating for different types of vehicles.