We are a full-service upholstery company with tremendous experience in all facets of the upholstery business.

Burchell Upholstery strives to sustain our reputation of great integrity and respect while we incessantly provide the highest quality of upholstery and custom designs to our clients.


We at Burchell Upholstery endeavor to maintain our commitment in standing as a reliable and reputable company by providing superb custom designs to our clients.  An exemplary standard of skill and mastery in the upholstery design business and extraordinary level of service to all our clients is our ultimate objective.


We dynamically offer competitive impact on the upholstery industry through the establishment of more showrooms and the establishment of a vocational campus that will inspire the art of the upholstery business for students within our community.

Mission Statement

We endeavor to maintain our status as a leader in the upholstery business with integrity and respect for only the highest quality of upholstery and an exemplary level of customer service.

What We Do

We are a full-service upholstery company with superior knowledge of the profession.  We continue to cultivate our residential and commercial client base with outstanding attention to detail, unrivaled quality and craftsmanship and the absolute best service experience.

Why Burchell

Burchell is committed to using only the finest quality fabrics, materials and finishing details for each project to surpass your needs and desired expectations. We are dedicated to you and your requirements.