29 Dec 2015

At Burchell Upholstery, we like to think of ourselves as a family.  We try hard to get along, and pride ourselves on our ability to work together joyfully.  But even the closest families have friends and extended relatives they turn to from time to time.  It’s in the spirit of extending family that we are happy to announce a new partnership we’ve forged over the past year.  In 2016, Burchell Upholstery is proud to be working closely with Fishman’s Fabrics!

Who is Fishman’s Fabrics?

If you work or live in the Chicago area and have ever needed high-quality, reasonably priced, hand selected fabrics, you probably already know the Fishman’s name.  Since 1903, the Fishman family has been working to build relationships with the best fabric suppliers around the globe, bringing some of the best quality fabrics you can find anywhere on the planet to Chicago in the process.  You don’t stay in business for more than one hundred years by skipping on the details, and we can personally attest that everything the Fishman’s team handles is defined by excellence.

Why We Are Extending Our Family

For starters, Fishman’s Fabrics is a company a whole lot like our own.  They are great people, with a great knowledge of their field and an impressive devotion to quality.  But of course, we aren’t excited to partner with Fishman’s just because we all get along so well.

By working closely with high-quality partners like Fishman’s Fabric, we are able to bring you the best possible upholstery work.  We’ve worked with enough fabric suppliers in our twenty years in the business to recognize a team that knows exactly what they are doing.  And now that we’ve partnered closely with Fishman’s, we can rely on their wealth of knowledge to help everyone that the Burchell family serves directly.

Yes, it’s about securing the highest quality suppliers.  But building close relationships with high-quality partners also allows us to do our own work more knowledgeably, more efficiently, and with an even higher devotion to excellence.  By partnering with Fishman’s, we are able to do more for our own customers.  Extending our family is a win-win-win!

A Big Welcome to Fishman’s!

Over the course of the next year, Burchell is going to be able to do even better work, and do even more for our customers.  That evolution is thanks in a big part to the relationships we’ve built with amazing partners like Fishman’s.  So join us in extending a big welcome to the Fishman’s Fabrics team!  We can’t wait to work together closely, and provide our customers with the best possible upholstery work along the way.