03 Feb 2016

If you live in a home with pets and children, you know that they can deal out some pretty harsh treatment to your upholstered furniture. Your dining room chairs might be stain-ridden, or your couches are showing signs of wear well before their time. When the only thing wrong with your furniture is the fabric, consider a fresh upholstery job rather than completely replacing the entire piece. Furniture that receives rough treatment from kids and pets, or is in a sunny, high-traffic area, might do well with indoor-outdoor fabric upholstery.

Indoor-outdoor fabrics come in many different forms, colors, and patterns, and are often nearly impossible to distinguish from traditional indoor textiles. Along with their good looks, their durability makes them perfect for high-traffic, well-used areas. The fabric is made from synthetic materials, and UV-resistant pigments are mixed in before it becomes yarn. This method of dying fabric prevents it from easily fading in the sun, and even holds it up to bleach, perspiration, and washing.

There are many types of indoor-outdoor fabric, so you aren’t limited to the tan, canvas-feeling fabric that may spring to mind. Shade and marine fabrics are what awnings are typically comprised of, and are probably the most recognizable outdoor fabrics. You can also get woven fabrics, prints, and sheers that look like traditional indoor fabric with additional durability and UV-resistance.

If you’re concerned about your couches and chairs feeling like a vinyl diner booth – don’t be! Outdoor fabric has substantially increased in quality recently, and most people can’t tell the difference between traditional indoor fabrics and the outdoor fabrics that are out on the market.

Using outdoor fabric on dining room chairs is an excellent solution when spills are a common occurrence in your home. Just as the fabrics repel rain water outside, spills will mostly bead off of the fabric. If you do end up with mark, outdoor fabrics are easily cleaned with a soapy water solution and air dried. Living room couches and chairs that see a lot of feet, furry pets, and snacks are great places to use outdoor fabric too, as well as pet beds.

Having durable, stain-resistant furniture in a house with kids and pets is a must if you want to enjoy your pieces for an extended period of time. Rather than ditching your old furniture, consider a new upholstery job using indoor-outdoor fabric. With the wide variety of on-trend colors and patterns available, you’re sure to find something to fit your design style. The Burchell Upholstery team is happy to answer any questions you have about fabric types and what will work best in your home and with your pieces.