We take your vision and make it a reality


Burchell upholstery is the creative brainchild of founder Robert Burchell, a young Jamaican immigrant who became proficient in the upholstery trade in Kingston, Jamaica.  Following his immigration to the United States, Robert pursued his dream of operating his own upholstery business.  Since its inception in 1994, CEO Robert Burchell has labored with tenacity to build Burchell Upholstery.  In 1999, Robert’s wife, Lili Petrov joined the Burchell team.  Lili brings with her a business administration background following her training at Southern Illinois University.  Lili currently serves as president of Burchell Upholstery.  In that strong leadership role, Lili manages the daily operations of the business, actively sources new business opportunities and handles all aspects of customer service.  Lili, also trained in the upholstery trade proactively oversees the fabric and design of the business.

In 2015, Lili and Robert incorporated Burchell Upholstery and partnered with Herb Stokes who serves as Chief Marketing Officer.  Herb brings a wealth of business and marketing skills and experience that have proven invaluable to Burchell.  Herb attended Rutgers University North Campus in New Jersey and successfully made a name for himself in the corporate world.  His understanding of the company and its goals and his deepened partnership with Robert and Lili have brought Burchell great success in development and strategic planning for future success.  Along with its team of talented upholstery craftsman and prodigious vision Burchell Upholstery has become synonymous with quality, integrity and is a testament to the American Dream.