26 Jan 2016

With Super Bowl Sunday fast approaching, you may be finalizing the plans for your Super Bowl party. Or, perhaps you have another social gathering in the books. Most of us want to be sure our home is cleaned and organized before people arrive. You may be mostly focused on the snacks for Super Bowl Sunday, too. Only when your guests come and go to take a seat do you realize you neglected a detail – your furniture.

When you sit on your furniture every day, you might think more about the comfort than appearance, and can ignore the stains or wear it is showing. If you can’t afford to fully replace your furniture, you have sentimental connections to it, or if it is the most comfortable thing you’ve ever sat on, consider reupholstering it instead to give it a fresh look before your guests arrive.

Time tends to take a toll on furniture, and try as you might to clean it, the everyday wear, accidental spills and stains, and overall aged look still shows. Even though you know it is technically clean, your guests might see the stains and assume otherwise. Reupholstering furniture gives it a fresh, clean look and feel that you and your guests will appreciate. The appealing look of newly upholstered furniture will entice your visitors to get comfortable and enjoy their time spent in your home.

The last thing you want when you have visitors over is for them to be uncomfortable. Perhaps the only thing wrong with your couch or chair is the cushions. It is preferable for your visitors to not get off of the couch because it is comfortable, not because they are stuck in a sunken cushion. Rather than replacing the entire piece, a good upholstery job from Burchell Upholstery can revitalize and plump up lumpy, worn cushions.

Finally, you may have been avoiding having social gatherings or hosting events like a Super Bowl party because you’re embarrassed by the state of your furniture. Investing in a good reupholstery job can inject a feeling of pride in your furniture and your home, and you can enjoy inviting friends over for a fun party without giving a second thought to the condition of your furniture.

Your furniture should not be a reason for you to avoid hosting parties, and a reupholstery job from Burchell Upholstery can give new life to your furniture and give you new pride in your home, as well as ensuring your guests are comfortable.