25 Nov 2015

For our customers that we have been serving the Chicago area for more than twenty years, Burchell Upholstery needs no introduction.  We’ve worked hard to show our clients and our community that Burchell means quality, attention to detail, and top-notch customer service that you can count on.  And we are incredibly proud of each and every friendship, partnership, and satisfied customer we have made over our years of experience in this business.  Now, we are proud to announce a few new initiatives and reintroduce ourselves to any new friends that have found us for the first time.

Who We Are

Burchell Upholstery is an established local business based in the Chicago area, providing top- notch customer service and high-quality craftsmanship to our clients.  No upholstery job is too big or small for our team: no matter what kind of work you need done, we can give you a quote, talk about your project, and deliver a quality finished product that we’d hang our reputation on.  From large commercial projects to small sentimental home furniture revivals, we have handled it all and can tackle your project.

A Focus On Design

At Burchell, we don’t treat every project the same.  We aren’t an upholstery factory.  Every project has different requirements, and as artisan craftsmen, we are happy to discuss and meet your project’s specific needs to deliver true excellence.  That’s why we like to take a design approach to each project we handle, and make sure that our exceptional in-house designer Linda gets that chance to help you make your reupholstery experience perfect.  By focusing on design for each and every project we handle, we can guarantee that your finished furniture will look and feel how you want it to.

The New Burchell Blog

In the upcoming months, we are very excited to offer a new quality service to all of our new and old friends: the Burchell Blog.  We have gathered a whole lot of experience in the upholstery industry after twenty years in the business, and can’t wait to share some of our thoughts and tips with you all on a regular basis.  Tune into our blog every week to learn more about upholstery, Burchell, and how to help make your furniture look and feel like new again.

Reintroduction, Same Great Quality

To all of our new customers finding us here on our blog for the first time: welcome!  We can’t wait to talk about how Burchell can help you meet your upholstery needs.  For all of our old friends: don’t worry!  Burchell will continue to deliver the same quality work that we have for more than twenty years.  We can’t wait to work with you and prove it!