30 Mar 2016

When you’re investing in the perfect upholstery job for your furniture, there are many things to consider before you make your purchase. Style, color, price, pattern, and comfort all come into consideration. But, what about stains? Have you given stain-resistance a some serious thought? Dining room chairs, comfortable sofas, and cozy armchairs all see a lot of traffic in your house, and they are prone to accidents. Here are a few tips to protect your investment.

Start With the Right Material

One of the luxuries of getting furniture reupholstered is being able to pick a type of fabric that best suits your lifestyle. If you’re choosing fabric for a piece of furniture that is in a high-traffic area, consider something that is pre-treated to resist stains, durable fabrics, or nylons, which are generally stain repellant.


There are many household cleaners and fabric treatments on the market that promise to keep your upholstery clean and stain-free. For furniture that is covered in a more delicate fabric like suede or silk, you’ll want to do plenty of research to find out which products are safe to use on your furniture. One of the most tried and true brands on the market is Scotchgard, and they have products for nearly every material.

Make Furniture Rules

If you have a piece of furniture that is especially valuable, or one that you really love, make a rule that no one is allowed to eat or drink on it. Keep any messy kids’ toys or games away from it, and consider putting it in a room that doesn’t get as much use as a family room does.

Discourage Cat Scratching

Cats’ claws seem to have an almost magnetic pull to our nicest pieces of furniture. If your furniture is under warranty, cat scratches might not be covered, and you don’t want a few scratches to ruin your whole piece of furniture. Some solutions for cat scratching that have worked for people are:

  • Bitter apple spray
  • Sticky strips or double-sided tape applied where the cat tends to scratch
  • Providing a different scratching surface

Professional Treatment

Commercially-applied treatments are different than at-home treatments. They penetrate the fabric, bond to fibers, and can repel stains for years. At-home sprays mainly coat the fabric, which requires frequent application.

Protecting your upholstery investment allows you to enjoy your beautiful furniture for years and years without constantly worrying about stains or damage. Contact Burchell Upholstery if you’re ready to invest in upholstering the furniture for your home.