15 Dec 2015

This holiday season, it’s ok to spoil yourself a little bit.  Tis the season of giving, but that doesn’t mean you can’t purchase yourself and your household a holiday gift as another long year draws to an end.  If you want to give your home the perfect present that will transform your life and keep rewarding you for years to come, a professional furniture overhaul is a great choice.  Here’s why gifting your household a re-upholstery job is a perfect way to pamper yourself this holiday.

Your Furniture, Reborn

Even the most loved, cherished, and well-maintained furniture gets worn out over time.  But that doesn’t mean that you need to discard your favorite decor as it starts to sag or show its age.  With the right professional re-upholstery job, your furniture can look and feel like it has been completely reborn.

A great upholstery job won’t just repair any damages or undo any wear and tear your favorite furniture has suffered.  When you consult a company like Burchell, we focus on talking through how your furniture can be completely brought back to life.  Whether that means a restoration job with original aesthetics in mind, or a completely new fabric scheme, our goal is always to help you inject as much life into your furniture as possible.

Re-Upholstered Furniture: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

The best part about getting your furniture re-upholstered as a gift to your household?  It’s not just the fact that your repaired furniture will look and feel classier, more refined, and better quality than the damaged or worn out furniture it will replace.  And it’s not just that your home as a whole will benefit from fresh, bright, revitalized furnishings.

The best part about gifting yourself re-upholstered furniture this holiday seasons is the fact that your revitalized pieces will add value to your home for years to come.  When we say that furniture that Burchell has re-upholstered is reborn, that’s no exaggeration.  Everything from your favorite couch to your family recliner can continue to make your house feel like home for years to come once we’ve done our part.

All furniture feels drab, worn out, and shabby after it has been loved in your home for long enough.  Why not give yourself and your household a gift that will last for years to come this season, and restore your favorite furniture that needs some TLC?  It’s the perfect gift that has the potential to transform your home, and it’s the kind of gift that keeps on giving for years to come.