06 Apr 2016

Spring is a time of renewal, change, and new beginnings in nature. We think that it can mean the same for your home. Maybe you’ve done your spring cleaning and noticed that your furniture isn’t looking as fresh as you’d like. Or, perhaps the brightness and airiness of spring are emphasizing the drabness of some furniture pieces that are a little outdated or worn. Whatever the reason may be, spring is a great time to utilize new upholstery to give your home a fresh and inviting feel.

Liven up a neutral furniture arrangement with a bold and colorful ottoman or bench. While it makes sense to keep your bigger furniture pieces neutral to allow them to remain timeless and classic, smaller pieces like ottomans and benches are easier to update more frequently. Using colorful patterns like florals, Moroccan prints, and tribal or western prints will give the room a pop of color for spring without being too overwhelming.

Step out of the box by using large prints on an accent chair. It might be tempting to stick with something safe for an accent chair since it is still a significant piece of furniture. Spring is a great time to try something new and go with a bold, large print. You can find bold patterns in black and white for a more subtle, modern statement.

Use modern fabrics on traditional pieces. Create a unique contrast by pairing a traditional wingback chair or tufted couch with a modern fabric print like Dalmatian, or pixel-printed fabric. Your room will be instantly updated for the new season, and the furniture will make a great conversation piece for your guests.

Use a lighter fabric on windows to allow for more light. An open weave or sheer fabric on windows will let in the warm spring light, and if you choose a fabric with metallic elements, that will bounce light around the room even more. Plus, nothing says spring quite like soft, flowy curtains blowing in the breeze. If you want your curtains to last a while, look for fabrics that have UV resistance and offer UV protection.

Making a few small changes to the upholstery in your home can completely update it for the new season. Contact Burchell Upholstery if you’re ready to give your furniture a fresh new look for spring.