13 Apr 2016

While we love to give you sophisticated and luxurious looks for all of the “adult” rooms in your house, we also enjoy getting creative for kids’ spaces, too. In fact, one of our biggest products was partnering with Holland America Line to create custom children’s areas on nine of their cruise ships. For those areas, we made over-sized novelty upholstered soccer balls and paint cans to foster a fun and inviting environment. Here are five more fun upholstery ideas for the kids’ rooms in your home.

1. Themed Headboard

It’s easy to incorporate a theme into a child’s room with bedding, decorative accents, and colors. However, the headboard can be a fun and unexpected way to reinforce the theme, too. Some themed headboard examples include:

  • A seashell-shaped headboard for an “under the sea” theme
  • A castle-shaped headboard for a prince or princess room
  • A headboard that looks like a soccer ball, baseball, etc.
  • A basic headboard that uses fabric that fits the room’s theme

2. Poufs and Floor Pillows

Create a reading-friendly space with cozy poufs and floor pillows. Kids can have a hand in designing them by picking out the shapes or fabrics that they like best. Since the pillows will be used in a kid’s space, feel free to have fun with bright colors and bold designs.

3. Canopies

We can take our expertise in creating drapery and use that to make a whimsical canopy perfect for a princess’s bed. For an ethereal look, use light, sheer fabric. Add another touch of fun by using fabric that has embellishments like flowers or butterflies. Or, if privacy is needed, you could go with a little bit heavier fabric that will make the bed feel like a secret hideaway.

4. Fabric to Color On

Create a few pillowcases or small throw pillows using fabric that kids can color on. Let them use washable markers to get creative, then just throw them in the washing machine so they can do it all over again. It’s a fun way to encourage creativity, and kids will enjoy having a hand in the design of their space.

5. Fun Chairs

Kids will love having a chair that’s custom-made to their interests and taste. For the girly-girls, a chair shaped like a high-heel would be perfect. Sports balls, favorite characters, baseball mitts, and crazy colors would all make fun chairs for a kid’s room.

One of the benefits of custom upholstery is that the possibilities are nearly endless, which is perfect for creating an imaginative and fun space for children. Contact Burchell Upholstery if you’re interested in adding some excitement to your kids’ rooms.