13 Jan 2016

Whether you’re renovating your home, plan on putting your house on the market, or have simply lived there for years without changing anything, one of the last things you’re likely to think about is upholstery. After all, the most noticeable changes people make to their homes include painting the walls, rearranging the furniture, and installing new floors; few people consider the impact that upholstery has on their home’s comfort and overall atmosphere. However, as the new year sets in and you’re busy working on your resolutions, there are several powerful reasons to add upholstery renovation to your list:

1. Preserve Existing Qualities You Love
You’ve chosen your furniture for a reason. Whether it’s an antique that was handed down to you from your grandparents or a brand-new (at the time) piece picked out from a designer catalog, your furniture means something to you and expresses a facet of your personality to the people who visit your home. Redoing your upholstery by adding a covering, restuffing the existing fabric, or replacing the old and worn fabric altogether can all serve to preserve the qualities of your furniture that you love the most, from the patterns to the frame.

2. Repair surface damages and blemishes that make your furniture look shabby.

Small blemishes may be inconsequential on their own, but when many are combined on the surface of one furniture piece, they detract from the natural beauty of the fabric or design, and instead give it a drab and unappealing look. Repairing these damages can help perk up the appearance of your furniture in subtle but perceptible ways.

3. Extend the Life of Your Favorite Furniture Far into the Future

Furniture that has been reupholstered can continue to be used for years to come, while a chair or sofa with stuffing falling out or fabric that is worn can only stand for so long without falling apart altogether. Reupholstering can ensure that you are still enjoying your favorite furniture pieces far into the future.