10 Feb 2016

Modern interior colors and color schemes are wonderful tools for giving your room a fresh, stylish look. If you have furniture that features fabric in an outdated color or pattern but is in otherwise great condition, consider a new upholstery job in a stylish color to restore your couches or chairs and add a conversation piece to your home. Check out these four hot colors that will ensure your furniture makes a statement.

Shades of Purple

When used properly, these sometimes-girly or childlike colors can add a feel of luxury and sophistication to a room. A dusky violet color can act almost as a neutral and would make for an eye-catching sofa. Or, be a little bolder and use a bright amethyst shade on an accent chair or pillows. Pair purples with a cool neutral like gray for an engaging and elegant room.

Serene Blues

One of Pantone’s colors of the year for 2016 is a beautiful milky blue shade called Serenity, and we’re not surprised this beautiful color is on top. You’ll feel like you’re in an old European home with this color on your side chairs, and it would help soften up a sofa with more modern lines. Black and white accents would make it pop, and it’s a great color for a room that could use some calmness. You could even use navy blue as a neutral in a room that gets a lot of natural light.

Dark Teal

Dark teal is a versatile color that can work with a number of different styles. Use it on the chair cushions of an elegant and traditional dining room set to play off of the rich woods. It looks excellent with gold accents, too. Cushions on seagrass furniture would look great in dark teal, adding pops of white for a more relaxed and casual look. If you’re feeling extra bold, throw in some pillows or cushions in animal prints like leopard or zebra for an unexpected twist.


You can’t go wrong with a neutral, and it will give your furniture some longevity style-wise that some of the bolder colors may not. Instead of basic beiges or chocolate browns, go with an updated neutral like gray or camel. Grays are a great neutral to use for furniture upholstery. The wide range of shades and hues means that you’re sure to find something to match with your existing decor and style while still getting an updated look.

If your furniture is needing a facelift, consider one of the top colors for 2016 to give your pieces a stylish upgrade.

03 Feb 2016

If you live in a home with pets and children, you know that they can deal out some pretty harsh treatment to your upholstered furniture. Your dining room chairs might be stain-ridden, or your couches are showing signs of wear well before their time. When the only thing wrong with your furniture is the fabric, consider a fresh upholstery job rather than completely replacing the entire piece. Furniture that receives rough treatment from kids and pets, or is in a sunny, high-traffic area, might do well with indoor-outdoor fabric upholstery.

Indoor-outdoor fabrics come in many different forms, colors, and patterns, and are often nearly impossible to distinguish from traditional indoor textiles. Along with their good looks, their durability makes them perfect for high-traffic, well-used areas. The fabric is made from synthetic materials, and UV-resistant pigments are mixed in before it becomes yarn. This method of dying fabric prevents it from easily fading in the sun, and even holds it up to bleach, perspiration, and washing.

There are many types of indoor-outdoor fabric, so you aren’t limited to the tan, canvas-feeling fabric that may spring to mind. Shade and marine fabrics are what awnings are typically comprised of, and are probably the most recognizable outdoor fabrics. You can also get woven fabrics, prints, and sheers that look like traditional indoor fabric with additional durability and UV-resistance.

If you’re concerned about your couches and chairs feeling like a vinyl diner booth – don’t be! Outdoor fabric has substantially increased in quality recently, and most people can’t tell the difference between traditional indoor fabrics and the outdoor fabrics that are out on the market.

Using outdoor fabric on dining room chairs is an excellent solution when spills are a common occurrence in your home. Just as the fabrics repel rain water outside, spills will mostly bead off of the fabric. If you do end up with mark, outdoor fabrics are easily cleaned with a soapy water solution and air dried. Living room couches and chairs that see a lot of feet, furry pets, and snacks are great places to use outdoor fabric too, as well as pet beds.

Having durable, stain-resistant furniture in a house with kids and pets is a must if you want to enjoy your pieces for an extended period of time. Rather than ditching your old furniture, consider a new upholstery job using indoor-outdoor fabric. With the wide variety of on-trend colors and patterns available, you’re sure to find something to fit your design style. The Burchell Upholstery team is happy to answer any questions you have about fabric types and what will work best in your home and with your pieces.

26 Jan 2016

With Super Bowl Sunday fast approaching, you may be finalizing the plans for your Super Bowl party. Or, perhaps you have another social gathering in the books. Most of us want to be sure our home is cleaned and organized before people arrive. You may be mostly focused on the snacks for Super Bowl Sunday, too. Only when your guests come and go to take a seat do you realize you neglected a detail – your furniture.

When you sit on your furniture every day, you might think more about the comfort than appearance, and can ignore the stains or wear it is showing. If you can’t afford to fully replace your furniture, you have sentimental connections to it, or if it is the most comfortable thing you’ve ever sat on, consider reupholstering it instead to give it a fresh look before your guests arrive.

Time tends to take a toll on furniture, and try as you might to clean it, the everyday wear, accidental spills and stains, and overall aged look still shows. Even though you know it is technically clean, your guests might see the stains and assume otherwise. Reupholstering furniture gives it a fresh, clean look and feel that you and your guests will appreciate. The appealing look of newly upholstered furniture will entice your visitors to get comfortable and enjoy their time spent in your home.

The last thing you want when you have visitors over is for them to be uncomfortable. Perhaps the only thing wrong with your couch or chair is the cushions. It is preferable for your visitors to not get off of the couch because it is comfortable, not because they are stuck in a sunken cushion. Rather than replacing the entire piece, a good upholstery job from Burchell Upholstery can revitalize and plump up lumpy, worn cushions.

Finally, you may have been avoiding having social gatherings or hosting events like a Super Bowl party because you’re embarrassed by the state of your furniture. Investing in a good reupholstery job can inject a feeling of pride in your furniture and your home, and you can enjoy inviting friends over for a fun party without giving a second thought to the condition of your furniture.

Your furniture should not be a reason for you to avoid hosting parties, and a reupholstery job from Burchell Upholstery can give new life to your furniture and give you new pride in your home, as well as ensuring your guests are comfortable.

20 Jan 2016

When it comes to property values, many people look at home improvement and remodeling projects as a strong way to invest in their home. From painting the walls to installing new floors, homeowners might start as small as picking out new curtains and can go all the way to remodeling entire rooms in their home. All of these projects are generally considered a smart way to increase the value of real estate, whether you’re already planning on selling your house, have lived there for years, or just moved in and hope to build a strong foundation.

However, the aspect of home improvement few people think about involves one of the most noticeable items within a house: furniture. Caring for your furniture is essential to maintaining the appearance and feel of your home, thus improving its value for yourself and on the market. Treating your furniture to a good reupholstery job is one of the most valuable ways to invest in your home; for example, you can gain all of the following benefits:

1. Revitalize the way a home looks and feels by repairing damaged looking furniture.

If you have lived in your house for years with the same furniture, you have probably noticed the upholstery on your chairs, sofas, and other pieces fade over time. Everyday wear and tear, as well as accidents such as spills and rips, can leave well-worn and well-loved furniture with an aged and damaged look, which is hard to get rid of simply by cleaning or dusting. As a result, your home also becomes less appealing – to yourself, and to others looking to purchase it.

An upholstery job aims to make your furniture look like it did when it was first made; for example, by replacing damaged areas or plumping up lumpy cushions. This process can help you revitalize the way your home looks by allowing your furniture to add to the atmosphere in a room rather than detract from it by looking drab or unappealing. Therefore, it is an investment in the value of your home and will last far into the future.

2. Preserve the feel of a home by maintaining the things you love about your favorite furniture.

If you have old or antique furniture, you can use an upholstery job to help you preserve everything that you love about it for the future. Furniture, and especially upholstery, will continue to break down over time. So, unless you address the issue, you may end up losing that antique chair your grandmother left to you in your will or that futon that has been passed down through your family for generations.

Reupholstering your furniture helps maintain the things you love about it, thus preserving the feel of your home for years to come. By re-stuffing a chair cushion that’s falling apart, you can keep the fabric design that you love so much; by replacing the old fabric on a lounge chair, you can continue using it and appreciating its hand-carved frame.

3. Take more pride in your home.

Home investments aren’t just about the monetary value of your house and property; they are about creating a space that you’re going to enjoy living in for years, perhaps decades, to come. Investing in your home means investing in your life, your family, your future, and your happiness.

Investing in a good reupholstery job is a way to take more pride in your home and enjoy the space that you live in and see on a daily basis; when you are proud of your furniture, you can enjoy living in your house, as well as inviting others over and gathering with friends and family. You can raise kids in an environment where you don’t have to fear that they’ll break down already-damaged furniture, and entertain guests without being embarrassed about your old and dingy-looking couch. Overall, upholstery builds the atmosphere in a home, and thus is an investment in your own well-being.

13 Jan 2016

Whether you’re renovating your home, plan on putting your house on the market, or have simply lived there for years without changing anything, one of the last things you’re likely to think about is upholstery. After all, the most noticeable changes people make to their homes include painting the walls, rearranging the furniture, and installing new floors; few people consider the impact that upholstery has on their home’s comfort and overall atmosphere. However, as the new year sets in and you’re busy working on your resolutions, there are several powerful reasons to add upholstery renovation to your list:

1. Preserve Existing Qualities You Love
You’ve chosen your furniture for a reason. Whether it’s an antique that was handed down to you from your grandparents or a brand-new (at the time) piece picked out from a designer catalog, your furniture means something to you and expresses a facet of your personality to the people who visit your home. Redoing your upholstery by adding a covering, restuffing the existing fabric, or replacing the old and worn fabric altogether can all serve to preserve the qualities of your furniture that you love the most, from the patterns to the frame.

2. Repair surface damages and blemishes that make your furniture look shabby.

Small blemishes may be inconsequential on their own, but when many are combined on the surface of one furniture piece, they detract from the natural beauty of the fabric or design, and instead give it a drab and unappealing look. Repairing these damages can help perk up the appearance of your furniture in subtle but perceptible ways.

3. Extend the Life of Your Favorite Furniture Far into the Future

Furniture that has been reupholstered can continue to be used for years to come, while a chair or sofa with stuffing falling out or fabric that is worn can only stand for so long without falling apart altogether. Reupholstering can ensure that you are still enjoying your favorite furniture pieces far into the future.

06 Jan 2016

We’ve all had that feeling.  Sometimes, no matter how much you love your home, it’s time to switch something up.  Furniture is one of the easiest things you can change for a decent price that has a big effect on the way your home feels. So, it makes sense that a new set of furniture would be a logical way to solve a boring and “too comfortable” home dilemma.  But, what does “new furniture” really mean, and what alternatives are there out there?

If you want to get the most value for your dollar, do the most for the aesthetics and feel of your home. To have the best and most convenient experience possible replacing your furniture, consider getting a reupholstery job done.  Most people think of replacing entire sets and discarding their old and loved furniture when they see the word “new,” but consulting an upholstery professional can be a much smarter move than getting a whole new furniture set.  Here are five reasons why you should consider re-upholstery over replacing your furniture completely.

1. Protect Sentimental Value

You probably have a lot of great memories, nostalgic stories, and fond associations with the old furniture set you have in your home.  If you didn’t, you would have replaced that saggy sofa a long time ago.  But, a big misconception is that you need to get rid of this old and “sentimental” furniture in order to spruce up the look of your home.

With a professional re-upholstery job, you won’t need to lose any of the valuable memories that you have attached to your furniture.  But, you can still improve the value of your home and give yourself a fresh and comfortable quality-of-life upgrade.  Re-upholstery gives your previous furniture a whole new life by restoring it to its former glory – retaining sentimental value in the process.

2.  Preserve Family Heirlooms

Good furniture can have a lot of value for your family and heritage, as well as your home.  That dresser could have been inherited from your great-great-grand mother, or that couch may have been handmade by a family member.  Instead of throwing away a family heirloom when you need a new look in your home, think about getting a reupholstery job done with a professional company.  Doing so can help you preserve your family history while refreshing the atmosphere of your home.

3.  Revitalize High-Quality Furniture

If you go to the wrong upholstery company, it could cost you a whole lot and take an immense amount of time to get your furniture revitalized.  At some point, it’s tempting to wonder if it’s even worth it to put the money into upholstery when you could simply buy new furniture.  The honest answer is that if you already own high-quality furniture, upholstery is one of the smartest ways you can invest in your home and improve your quality of life as long as you work with the right team.

A company like Burchell, which has been in the upholstery business for more than twenty years, understands what working with quality furniture entails.  If you have spent money on good furniture, built from good wood, revitalizing your furniture can restore all of the value it has lost through aging.  We work carefully to make your furniture look and feel new again – at a fraction of what it would cost to replace, especially where high-quality furniture is concerned!

4.  Maintain Existing Themes

Often, the mark of a good home is coherence and consistency.  When it comes to your furniture, it can take a lot of planning and forethought to match your decorating theme throughout your house.  When you have already matched your furniture to your paint and your home’s color, and aesthetic themes, it can be hard or impossible to find appropriate replacement furniture to make your home feel complete again.

In these situations, upholstery can be an especially useful option.  Instead of redecorating your entire home, you can rely on a quality upholstery business to make your furniture look and feel like new again.  It’s easy to work with a professional upholstery team to find the right fabrics and color palette for whatever your current interior design theme needs, and we can even make your furniture look like it did the day that you first decorated your home!  This ties into sentiments and nostalgic value as well, but it can be a great way to save money by avoiding extensive redecorating costs.

5.  Less Wasteful

When it comes down to it, most furniture that is thrown away doesn’t need to be.  If you REALLY need a new couch or a new wardrobe, by all means treat yourself.  However, there is a lot of value in getting old furniture repaired and restored.  Getting a professional re-upholstery job done is smart for a variety of reasons, and you can re-read our discussion above if you are deciding whether upholstery is right for you.  Just remember that upholstery is less wasteful, and that’s an important thing!

29 Dec 2015

At Burchell Upholstery, we like to think of ourselves as a family.  We try hard to get along, and pride ourselves on our ability to work together joyfully.  But even the closest families have friends and extended relatives they turn to from time to time.  It’s in the spirit of extending family that we are happy to announce a new partnership we’ve forged over the past year.  In 2016, Burchell Upholstery is proud to be working closely with Fishman’s Fabrics!

Who is Fishman’s Fabrics?

If you work or live in the Chicago area and have ever needed high-quality, reasonably priced, hand selected fabrics, you probably already know the Fishman’s name.  Since 1903, the Fishman family has been working to build relationships with the best fabric suppliers around the globe, bringing some of the best quality fabrics you can find anywhere on the planet to Chicago in the process.  You don’t stay in business for more than one hundred years by skipping on the details, and we can personally attest that everything the Fishman’s team handles is defined by excellence.

Why We Are Extending Our Family

For starters, Fishman’s Fabrics is a company a whole lot like our own.  They are great people, with a great knowledge of their field and an impressive devotion to quality.  But of course, we aren’t excited to partner with Fishman’s just because we all get along so well.

By working closely with high-quality partners like Fishman’s Fabric, we are able to bring you the best possible upholstery work.  We’ve worked with enough fabric suppliers in our twenty years in the business to recognize a team that knows exactly what they are doing.  And now that we’ve partnered closely with Fishman’s, we can rely on their wealth of knowledge to help everyone that the Burchell family serves directly.

Yes, it’s about securing the highest quality suppliers.  But building close relationships with high-quality partners also allows us to do our own work more knowledgeably, more efficiently, and with an even higher devotion to excellence.  By partnering with Fishman’s, we are able to do more for our own customers.  Extending our family is a win-win-win!

A Big Welcome to Fishman’s!

Over the course of the next year, Burchell is going to be able to do even better work, and do even more for our customers.  That evolution is thanks in a big part to the relationships we’ve built with amazing partners like Fishman’s.  So join us in extending a big welcome to the Fishman’s Fabrics team!  We can’t wait to work together closely, and provide our customers with the best possible upholstery work along the way.

22 Dec 2015

For most of us, the New Year means a new chance to set good goals, make good habits, and start fresh.  But, if you don’t make any big changes between Dec. 31 and Jan. 1, it can be hard to follow through with your goals and truly live a better life in the New Year.  Luckily, there’s a relatively cheap and easy way to give your home a whole new look, and start your New Year in a new environment that can help you succeed.  Here’s how.

Giving Furniture New Life

All furniture gets worn out over time, no matter how well you take care of it.  However, you can breathe a whole new life into your furniture by consulting a professional re-upholstery company.  A good re-upholstering job can make even the most run down furniture pieces look like new again, and it won’t cost you nearly as much as you might think.

While you might not notice that your furniture is getting a bit shabby until you have it fixed up, the effect that getting your furniture reupholstered has on your entire home is undeniable.  Furniture that looks and feels like new can brighten the tone of a room, making your home feel more sophisticated and full of light. The best part about getting your furniture repaired and revamped by an upholstery company like Burchell is that you won’t need to worry about redecorating your home or buying new pieces. A good re-upholstery company will help you make your pieces look like they did when you first bought them.

New Year, New Look

If you would like to give your home a whole new look for the New Year, a professional upholstery company can help there as well.  Usually, we at Burchell work with customers that want furniture pieces restored to original condition, but we can just as easily work with new fabrics and patterns to give your furniture a whole new look.  We can work with whatever palettes and patterns you like, and find the right fabric to give your favorite pieces a whole different appeal.

No matter what you would like done to your furniture, we can help, and any change will make you feel like you are living in a newer, brighter home as you enter the New Year.  Completing all of those goals you’ve set will depend more than anything else on your mood and overall happiness, and re-upholstered furniture can help you be sure that your home is fueling the kind of positivity that you need.

15 Dec 2015

This holiday season, it’s ok to spoil yourself a little bit.  Tis the season of giving, but that doesn’t mean you can’t purchase yourself and your household a holiday gift as another long year draws to an end.  If you want to give your home the perfect present that will transform your life and keep rewarding you for years to come, a professional furniture overhaul is a great choice.  Here’s why gifting your household a re-upholstery job is a perfect way to pamper yourself this holiday.

Your Furniture, Reborn

Even the most loved, cherished, and well-maintained furniture gets worn out over time.  But that doesn’t mean that you need to discard your favorite decor as it starts to sag or show its age.  With the right professional re-upholstery job, your furniture can look and feel like it has been completely reborn.

A great upholstery job won’t just repair any damages or undo any wear and tear your favorite furniture has suffered.  When you consult a company like Burchell, we focus on talking through how your furniture can be completely brought back to life.  Whether that means a restoration job with original aesthetics in mind, or a completely new fabric scheme, our goal is always to help you inject as much life into your furniture as possible.

Re-Upholstered Furniture: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

The best part about getting your furniture re-upholstered as a gift to your household?  It’s not just the fact that your repaired furniture will look and feel classier, more refined, and better quality than the damaged or worn out furniture it will replace.  And it’s not just that your home as a whole will benefit from fresh, bright, revitalized furnishings.

The best part about gifting yourself re-upholstered furniture this holiday seasons is the fact that your revitalized pieces will add value to your home for years to come.  When we say that furniture that Burchell has re-upholstered is reborn, that’s no exaggeration.  Everything from your favorite couch to your family recliner can continue to make your house feel like home for years to come once we’ve done our part.

All furniture feels drab, worn out, and shabby after it has been loved in your home for long enough.  Why not give yourself and your household a gift that will last for years to come this season, and restore your favorite furniture that needs some TLC?  It’s the perfect gift that has the potential to transform your home, and it’s the kind of gift that keeps on giving for years to come.

25 Nov 2015

For our customers that we have been serving the Chicago area for more than twenty years, Burchell Upholstery needs no introduction.  We’ve worked hard to show our clients and our community that Burchell means quality, attention to detail, and top-notch customer service that you can count on.  And we are incredibly proud of each and every friendship, partnership, and satisfied customer we have made over our years of experience in this business.  Now, we are proud to announce a few new initiatives and reintroduce ourselves to any new friends that have found us for the first time.