26 Apr 2016

Spring is here. With it comes warmer nights spent outside on the patio grilling dinner or just enjoying the fresh, fragrant air. However, if your patio furniture’s cushions are covered in mildew or are faded, faded, torn, or in an otherwise rough condition, it your time outdoors won’t be quite as enjoyable.

Updating your outdoor furniture with new upholstery can give you an entirely new living space to enjoy during the warmer months. Choosing the right outdoor fabric and replacing the cushions, if necessary, adds comfort and personal style, and can be an extension of your indoor living space.

Outdoor furnishings are designed to be durable, and outdoor fabrics have been vastly improved over the years in not only quality but also in the colors and patterns available. It used to be just thick, heavy-weight canvas in limited colors, but now there are vast designs, fabric weights, and weaves that are perfect for outdoor entertaining.

When you’re ready to pick out your new outdoor upholstery, there are a few things to look for in the fabric you choose. A good fabric will be fade, moisture, and stain resistant, as well as easy to clean. You’ll want fabric that is 100 percent solution-dyed acrylic, which means that the color is added to the fabric while it is in a liquid state. The color is in the actual fibers, not just printed on top of the fiber. This ensures brighter and longer-lasting colors. Also, you may want fabric with a protective coating, one that is water-resistant, to help with odor, stains, mold, and bacteria.

If you need new cushions, make sure that the filler is made from materials designed for outdoor use. Otherwise, your outdoor upholstery will mildew from the inside out. The professionals at Burchell Upholstery can help you choose the fabric and filler that is best suited for your outdoor space and will give you the most use.

Updating your outdoor cushion upholstery can give you an entirely new space to entertain family and friends while the weather is nice. With all of the available style options for outdoor fabric now available, you can make the space stylish and comfortable. Once you update your patio furniture, be sure to maintain it with regular maintenance like wiping down the cushions after rain, and occasionally washing them with mild detergent to remove surface dirt.

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